Works of Lorenzo Belmonte
Works of Lorenzo Belmonte
Works of Lorenzo Belmonte
Works of Lorenzo Belmonte
Works of Lorenzo Belmonte
Works of Lorenzo Belmonte

About Belmonte Photography

Lorenzo Belmonte Photography
Spend the the last two years working on building up my portfolio. Eye for design, so I believe my photos and graphic design reflect my artist style.

Photography isolates the fundamental artistic ability to see the extraordinary. It is through arrangements of light, angle, lense, film and a split second decision to capture the moment that make photographs an extremely personal expression.

Personally, I am into vipassana meditation. I practice at Against The Stream in Santa Monica. Cultivating mindfulness and present time awareness inspires me to create at the same time remain calm and forgiving towards others and myself.


These are posters have been choosen as poster contest winners. Winners include Abott Kinney Festival, Willie Nelsen, Miles Davis.
Lorenzo Belmonte

Lorenzo Belmonte

Belmonte Photogrpahy (Culver City, CA) 1994 – Present
3833 Westwood Blvd , Culver City CA 90232


Imagine a premise and theme....Coordinate theme with models, make up artist, and stlyist- Set up location and set up shoot date. High fashion to catalog brand lines.- My process - Imagine - set up - Create and make it happen- Add a little extra beauty-(retouch)- Deliver.


Lorenzo Belmonte
2016 December issue of Sheeba Magazines-
2017 July issue Elegant Magazine-
2017 Aug Surreal Beauty Magazine-
2017 Aug IMIRAGE magazine -
2017 Oct Elléments Magazine
2017 Nov Surreal Beauty Magazine-
2017 Nov BeautyMute Magazine
2018 Jan IMIRAGE magazine
2018 Feb Surreal Beauty Magazine-
Lorenzo Belmonte
Lorenzo Belmonte
 Product Catalog Lines
Lorenzo Belmonte Lorenzo Belmonte Lorenzo Belmonte
Lorenzo Belmonte Lorenzo Belmonte Lorenzo Belmonte
Social Media Coordinator
Lorenzo Belmonte
Futon Factory L.A.
  • Number one across Google, Yahoo search engines
  • hand coded -1998
  • Published reviews to Yelp, Google, Yahoo
  • hand coded -cross traffic
  • photographed the store and dozens of products
  • submitted to google analytics
  • constant updates to internal product pages
  • Yelp Reviews and Feed back to customers
  • Amazon online store
  • Number One on Search Engines
    Lorenzo Belmonte
    Lorenzo Belmonte
    Lorenzo Belmonte
    Santa Monica College
    09/96 - 12/98
    Graphic Design Major
    • Hold an Occupational Degree in Graphic Design.
    • Hold Associate in Arts Degree.

    UCLA Extensions - Los Angeles, CA
    06/10 - present
    •Photography 1 & 2
    • Illustrator CS5
    • Photoshop CS5
    • Logo Design
    David Bourdon
    (310) 990-5045

    Jon White
    (213) 595-8150

    Ken Yamada
    (310) 968-5721

    Arkadiy S.
    (213) 254-5753